How remember Piazzolla one century after his birth? To be faithful to one of his best songs, Oblivion: forgetting Piazzolla means to betray him, projecting his music into the mirror of the writings of other composers, trying to leave the stereotype of the Tango... So, a program  as a challenge: to re-propose Piazzolla in an intimate dimension, through an anthology of his songs, in an original transcription for solo guitar, and  a new "contemporary songbook", created from original works by Italian authors,  who represent the richness and variety of the language of today's music.

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) 

La fortezza dei grandi perché

Balada para un loco

Será que estoy llorando

Balada para mi muerte

Los Pájaros Perdidos

El Gordo Triste

El titere

Jacinto chiclana

Alguien le dice al tango


Marco de Biasi_ Improvvisazione XII


Cosimo Carovani_ Por verme, llorar 


Edoardo Dadone_ Arenile 


Nicola Jappelli_ Acentos y deseos


Carlo Galante_ Homenaje-Tombeau de Astor Piazzola


Mauro Montalbetti_ Lentamente si annulla  nell’oblio


Elvira Muratore_ Waiting for the lake to sing


Marco Ramelli_ Sueño…para las seis cuerdas


Giacomo Susani_ Preludio zero