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"Attademo plays it exceedingly well"

(Al Kunze, Soundboard)

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A new perspective on the guitar's repertoire, from Baroque music to the 20th century music, with the aim to discover original repertoire and new composers, normally less played in  the classical music world. From the treasures of Segovia Archives to the Paganini's music played on the historical instruments, our repertoire is a enormous coffer of musical jewels.

Luigi Attademo, Torres Promo @CremonaMondoMusica 2018 

(video by Duilio Meucci)

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Since the nineteenth century, when the guitar becomes an instrument very fashionable in most important cities of Europe (Vienna, Paris, London), the music in which the guitar is in dialogue with other instruments represents a large part of the repertoire, and a mirror of the development of the musical taste. The great variety of this repertoire led me to the decision to work on “the duo” in different directions, first discovering the repertoire for violin or viola and guitar, and after  with cello, fortepiano and string quartet . The idea is discover a field full of unknown great works, alongside extraordinary musicians, from the ancient repertoire on the historical instruments  to the contemporary music .

Roberto Prosseda & Luigi Attademo, Mantova, Festival Trame Sonore

(video by Duilio Meucci)

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Award-winning in several national and international competitions, among the others the “Concours International d’Exécution Musicale (CIEM)” in Geneva (1995), Luigi Attademo recorded more then a dozen of CDs - mainly published by Brilliant Classics - among the others, Scarlatti's Sonatas (2009), the Complete Bach music for lute (2011), the Complete music for guitar by Niccolò Paganini (2013)... He gave concerts in many countries, including in last years USA, Argentina, Australia, Ukraina, India, Korea. He plays historical instruments like Garcia, Torres, Lacôte, Guadagnini, Fabricatore (including Paganini's Guitar),  with which he realized many projects...

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